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If you would like to learn darkroom techniques and how to print your own negatives, our senior printer, Dave Champion can provide "one to one" tuition lessons - on a full or a half day basis - as part of our darkoom hire service. Tuition sessions include all paper an chemistry used and we even provide you with a complimentary spotting brush and photo dye palette for print retouching. Please ask about our gift voucher option if you want to buy a tuition session as a present. Please contact us for further information.

Half day rate - "one to one" tuition: £100

Full day rate -  "one to one" tuition: £150

2 person full day tuition sessions available by special arrangement: £250

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Film Developing

One Day Darkroom Tuition

Our senior tutor Dave Champion has written the following notes as a guide and introduction to your "day in the darkroom"
A beginner in the darkroom needs a solid understanding of all the basic techniques.
Assuming we start at about 10:00 and finish around 17:00 we should cover the following topics.
Morning Session (10am to 1pm)
- Health and safety considerations when working in the darkroom.
- Types of film, benefits and disadvantages of different types / speeds of film.
- How to load the film into a developing tank. Keeping the film clean and undamaged.
- The importance of consistent and repeatable working.
- Mixing chemicals, dilution ratios, achieving and maintaining the temperature.
Mid-morning coffee break
- Developing times and techniques, the importance of correct agitation.
- Stopping the development, water or stop bath.
- Fixing the film (important that we know it is fully fixed) testing methods.
- Washing and drying, the best ways to dry without drying marks, removing drying marks.
- Evaluating our negatives, exposure, consistency, possible changes / improvements to metering and exposure techniques.
- Negative storage.
Lunch break - approx 30mins
Afternoon session (1.30pm - 5pm)
- Preparing for printing, darkroom layout, mixing chemicals
- How the enlarger works
- Different types of printing paper, benefits.
- Darkroom best practice for efficient and easy working.
- Composition and focus
- Making test strips to determine correct exposure and contrast.
Mid-afternoon coffee break
- Developing techniques.
- Fixing and drying.
- Making the print.
- Improving the print by 'burning and dodging', local changes to exposure and contrast.
- Spotting technique for our finished print to remove any dust spots.
- Tidy up, storage and disposal of chemicals.
Aim to finish at 5pm (flexible)

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