Photographic Darkroom Hire

Ilford 2150 RC
De Vere 203

You can hire one of our four darkroom by the day or half-day at very reasonable rates – with or without tuition.  We supply the print chemistry and you bring your own paper.

The darkroom is equipped with DeVere 504 and Leica V35 Autofocus Enlargers using MultiGrade heads and covering 35mm, 120 Medium Format and 5×4 sheet. You can  choose either dishes for processing  your prints or use our super efficient Ilfospeed 2150 automatic table top paper processor which delivers dry-to-dry prints upto 20×16 inches in just 80 seconds.

We will give you basic guidance if required on how to use the equipment or you can opt for a full-day or half-day “one to one” tuition, including demonstration of hand printing techniques from our supervising printer,  David Champion – see tuition services.

New Service – 2 Hour Develop & Scan Session 

Process your own films and use our efficient Pakon 135 Full Roll 35mm Film Scanner or Nikon 8000ED Professional 120 Scanner with Silverfast software. Only £20 (£10 per additional hour).

Darkoom Hire – Prices

2 Hour Film / Scan session £20.00 (£10 per additional hour)
Half day rate £30.00
Full day rate £50.00
Half day rate with tuition £100.00
Full day rate with tuition £150.00
Nikon Darkroom Lenses

A short video about film development in our darkroom