Photographic Darkroom Hire

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Ilford 2150 RC
De Vere 203

You can hire one of our three darkrooms by the day or half-day at very reasonable rates – with or without tuition.  We supply the print chemistry and you bring your own paper.

The darkroom is equipped with DeVere 504 / 203 and Leica V35 Autofocus Enlargers all with MultiGrade heads and covering 35mm, 120 Medium Format and 5×4 sheet. You can  choose either dishes for processing  your prints or use our super efficient Ilfospeed 2150 automatic table top paper processor which delivers dry-to-dry prints upto 20×16 inches in just 80 seconds.

We will give you basic guidance if required on how to use the equipment or you can opt for a full-day or half-day “one to one” tuition, including instruction on hand printing techniques from our supervising printer,  David Champion – see tuition services.

New Service – 2 Hour Develop & Scan Session 

Process your own films and use our efficient Pakon 135 Full Roll 35mm Film Scanner or Nikon 8000ED Professional 120 Scanner with Silverfast software. Only £20 (£10 per additional hour).

Darkoom Hire – Prices

2 Hour Film / Scan session £20.00 (£10 per additional hour)
Half day rate £30.00
Full day rate £50.00
Half day rate with tuition £100.00
Full day rate with tuition £150.00
Nikon Darkroom Lenses

A short video about film development in our darkroom