Black & White Basement

Professional Photolab | Darkroom Hire | One-to-One Tuition

Darkroom Hire

Three Darkrooms for Hire | NW London location

Darkroom Tuition

One-to-One Tuition | Learn traditional processing and printing techniques

Film Processing

35mm Film Processing | 120 Medium Format Film Developing

Black & White Photo Enlarging

Silver Gelatine Hand Prints | Fibre Base Enlargements | Resin Coated Enlargements

You are most welcome to visit our darkrooms and facilities before booking

Please call Keith on 020 7624 2244 to arrange a no obligation ‘look-see’ visit

A Real Photolab for Real Silver Prints

If you love traditional, analog black & white film you’ll find a warm welcome here at B&W Basement.

We are a specialist black & white photolab based in NW London with over 30 years experience and pride ourselves on our competitive prices and personal service.

We have three self-contained darkrooms for hire by film photographers using 35mm, 120 medium format and 5×4 sheet.

Our professional services include black & white film processing, traditional silver gelatine hand enlarging & One-to-One darkroom tuition.

Our gift vouchers for darkroom hire or tuition make an ideal present – contact us for details

Darkroom Hire

Hire one of our three self-contained darkrooms in NW London for Hand Printing upto 20X24″ or Film Processing for popular formats.

Full day, half day or two hour sessions at very reasonable rates & with all chemistry provided.

20% off when you book 3 or more sessions

Darkroom Tuition

Learn the art & craft of Darkroom techniques under the expert guidance of our senior printer.

One day course covers Film Processing and Hand Enlarging with paper & chemistry provided.

Half-price follow-up darkroom hire

Film Processing

Professional, traditional Black & White Film Processing in London.

Services for 35mm & 120 formats with full roll scan & print options.

10% off 5 rolls or more

Hand Enlargements

Hand-printed enlargements on Ilford resin coated or fibre base paper.

Carefully crafted by our expert technicians.

20% off first order