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We are naturally complying with all Government guidelines and requirements in order to minimise contact and avoid cross-infection.

Unlike communal darkrooms, ours are of course self-contained and for exclusive use significantly reducing the possibility of close contact with other clients. However, in the current circumstances we feel it is prudent to suspend our Darkroom Hire and 1-to-1 Tuition services until further notice.

Nevertheless, we remain 'open for business' for our film processing and hand enlarging services so will continue to welcome both mail order customers and personal callers to our photolab.

Thank you for your continued support during this challenging period.

Keith Lyons
Black & White Basement

A Real Photolab for Real Silver Prints

If you love traditional, analog black & white film you’ll find a warm welcome here at B&W Basement.

We are a specialist black & white photolab based in NW London with over 30 years experience and pride ourselves on our competitive prices and personal service.

We have three self-contained darkrooms for hire by film photographers using 35mm, 120 medium format and 5×4 sheet.

Our professional services include black & white film processing, traditional silver gelatine hand enlarging & One-to-One darkroom tuition.

Thank you so much for all your help over the many pleasurable sessions I’ve had at BWB.

It’s been a delight watching the darkroom expand and more people come in over the years, the facilities and equipment remain second-to-none in my experiences, and I’ve used many darkrooms in the past!

If you’re new to this, or a seasoned veteran, Keith couldn’t make you feel any more welcome, and you will quickly be producing excellent work in his well setup darkroom.

Barry C, Oxford, April 2018

You are most welcome to visit our darkrooms and facilities before booking

Please call Keith on 020 7624 2244 to arrange a no obligation ‘look-see’ visit

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Darkroom Hire

Hire one of our three self-contained darkrooms in NW London for Hand Printing upto 20X24″ or Film Processing for popular formats.

Full day, half day or two hour sessions at very reasonable rates & with all chemistry provided.

20% off when you book 3 or more sessions

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Darkroom Tuition

Learn the art & craft of Darkroom techniques under the expert guidance of our senior printer.

One day course covers Film Processing and Hand Enlarging with paper & chemistry provided.

Half-price follow-up darkroom hire

Film Processing

Professional, traditional Black & White Film Processing in London.

Services for 35mm & 120 formats with full roll scan & print options.

10% off 5 rolls or more

Hand Enlargements

Hand-printed enlargements on Ilford resin coated or fibre base paper.

Carefully crafted by our expert technicians.

20% off first order