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Darkroom Hire

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Workshops for Film Photography & Darkroom Tuition

B&W Film Processing

35mm & 120 Formats | Contacts | Scanning

If you love traditional, analogue B&W film you’ll find a warm welcome here at B&W Basement in St. John’s Wood, NW London.

We have 3 self-contained darkrooms for exclusive hire by analogue photographers using 35mm, 120 medium format and 5 x 4 sheet film.

Our professional services also include B&W film processing, traditional silver gelatine hand enlarging & 1-to-1 film photography and darkroom tuition.

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Darkroom Hire

Our darkrooms are open Monday to Friday with Saturday mornings available by arrangement

  • 3 self-contained darkrooms for exclusive hire
  • Hand printing facilities up to 20 x 24″
  • DeVere and Leica multigrade enlargers
  • Chemistry included for all film and paper processing
  • Traditional dish or ‘rapid access‘ machine print processing
  • Film processing equipment for popular formats
  • Free car parking available

Multi-session discounts available

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1-to-1 Tuition

Learn the art and craft of

Darkroom Techniques and Analogue Film Photography

1-day darkroom course covers film processing and hand printing.

2-day workshop covers both film photography and darkroom tuition from camera loading to final print.

Half-price follow-up darkroom hire

Film Processing

Professional, traditional Black & White Film Processing in London.

Services for 35mm & 120 formats with full roll scan & print options.

10% off 5 rolls or more

Hand Enlargements

Hand-printed enlargements on Ilford resin coated or fibre base paper.

Adjusted for density and contrast by our expert technicians.

Discounts for multiple prints

Black & White Basement – A Real Photolab for Real Silver Prints

Thank you so much for all your help over the many pleasurable sessions I’ve had at BWB.

It’s been a delight watching the darkroom expand and more people come in over the years, the facilities and equipment remain second-to-none in my experiences, and I’ve used many darkrooms in the past!

If you’re new to this, or a seasoned veteran, Keith couldn’t make you feel any more welcome, and you will quickly be producing excellent work in his well setup darkroom.

Barry C, Oxford, April 2018