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A Real Photolab for Real Silver Prints

Black & White Darkroom Hire in London

Whether you are looking to rent a darkroom for film processing or hand printing, you’ll find our services are ideal. We are open Monday to Friday with Saturday mornings available by special arrangement.

You can hire one of our three self-contained darkrooms by the day or half-day at very reasonable rates and with exclusive use throughout the session. Film process and print chemistry is included but please bring your own printing paper of choice.

We will give you basic guidance if required on how to use the equipment or you can opt for full or half-day 1-to-1 Tuition, with our supervising printer David Champion. The full-day session covers both film processing and hand printing techniques and we also provide guidance notes for reference.

Our prices remain competitive, include all photochemistry required and we also offer a 20% multi-session discount when you book 3 sessions or more paid for in advance.

We are conveniently located in St Johns Wood, North West London – easy to reach by public transport and there is a parking space available if required.

Darkroom Equipment:

  • Enlargers – DeVere 504/203 and Leica V35/Ilc Autofocus Enlargers all with Multigrade heads, covering 35mm, 120 Medium Format and 5×4 sheet

  • Print Processing –  Choose either dishes for processing your prints or use our super efficient Ilfospeed 2150 automatic table-top paper processor, which delivers dry-to-dry prints upto 20×16 inches in just 80 seconds.

  • Film Processing –  For 35mm and 120 Medium Format film processing, we provide Paterson Tank & Spiral system together with all chemistry and sleeving materials.

I’ve been using this darkroom regularly for the last two years.

It is a well organised space with a good range of equipment for all film formats and printing needs. I print fibre based paper up to 24 x 20 and the enlargers and equipment cater for all my needs perfectly.

It makes it so much easier to get in a good days worth of printing when you have a comfortable environment and this fits the bill perfectly. Having been a photographer and printer for over forty years I would highly recommend this darkroom.

David Corio

London, December 2019

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Half Day Hire (4 hours) (Choose Printing or Film Processing)
Full Day Hire (10.00am – 5.30pm) (Choose Printing or Film Processing) £80
2 Hour Film (Processing only) £30
Saturday morning by arrangement (9.30am – 1.30pm)
20% multi-session discount when you book 3 or more sessions paid for in advance

You are most welcome to visit our darkrooms and facilities before booking

Please call Keith on 020 7624 2244 to arrange a no obligation ‘look-see’ visit

Please complete the form below to hire one of our darkrooms or telephone 020 7624 2244 to discuss your requirements


    Full Day (10am-5.30pm) £80Half Day (4 Hours) £50Film Processing (min 2 Hours) from £30Saturday morning (9.30am-1.30pm) £80

    Film ProcessingHand PrintingGuidance Required

    Ilfolab Machine (Resin Paper Only)Dish/Tray Process (Fibre or Resin)Resin PaperFibre Paper