Excellent facilities and work at great prices.. a valuable resource for us who use film and like prints.

Christopher Ridley

10th May 2018

Thank you so much for all your help over the many pleasurable sessions I’ve had at BWB.
It’s been a delight watching the darkroom expand and more people come in over the years, the facilities and equipment remain second-to-none in my experiences, and I’ve used many darkrooms in the past!
If you’re new to this, or a seasoned veteran, Keith couldn’t make you feel any more welcome, and you will quickly be producing excellent work in his well setup darkroom.

Barry C

11th April 2018

Proper dark room prints .. great quality and great team

Giuseppe Battaini

13th October 2018

Just emailing to say thank you so much for yesterday! I am definitely pleased with the negatives, contact sheets and hand prints I produced and will certainly be booking another session – this time with a friend.

Neda M

27th April 2018

I have really enjoyed my printing session. Thank you very much for all the tuition – Please forward my thanks to David, the last session was really helpful. I had a really happy and unforgettable time at Black & White Basement. Thank you for the space and hospitality – looking forward to seeing more of your darkroom when I see you next time.


21st October 2017

Hired the area for some film processing, it was very cheap. B&W were very helpful.
Nihal Chadha

16th August 2017

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for Sunday! Realised how much I’ve missed being creative and using my hands to work, so I’m very grateful. It was such a great day, and I’m really excited to spend more time developing and practising the process further.

Samantha S

25th April 2018

I just booked me second tuition session in Black & White Basement. The owner is really friendly, their equipment is professional and they provide a one on one tuition to learn.
I will advertise them to all my photographer friends who need a quiet and peaceful environment for developing their negs. and do enlargements.

Sebastian Rooks

14th Nov 2017

Quality service and amazing knowledge of photography.
Steven Jeffels

19th August 2016