Black & White Film Processing

at B&W Basement

A Real Photolab for Real Silver Prints

Professional Black & White Film Processing in London

Traditional hand processing using spiral loading and Kodak X-tol fine grain developer. We take the utmost care with time, temperature and agitation to ensure your black and white negatives reach optimum density and contrast for subsequent printing. Film speed uprating/downrating free of charge.

Films are washed in filtered water, finished with a final ‘photo-flow’ rinse, air dried and hand cut into sixes in clear ‘Printfile’ archival negative sleeving.

Excellent facilities and work at great prices…a valuable resource for us who use film and like prints.

Christopher Ridley

10th May 2018

Quality service and amazing knowledge of photography.

Steven Jeffels

19th August 2016

35mm / 120 Medium Format Roll £10.00
Develop Film + Contact Sheet  £16.00
Contact Sheet only £10.00
Full-Roll 35mm Film Scanning: Max Res (3072 x 2048 pixels) suitable for printing up to 16 x 12 +£12.00
Plus 6 × 4″ Gloss or Matt prints with border +£15.00
Plus 7.5 × 5″ Gloss or Matt prints with border +£20.00


Mail Order P&P

1st Class up to 500g: £4

RM Special Delivery up to 500g: £10

Courier by arrangement

Multi-roll discount: 10% off 5 rolls or more