Black & White Photo Enlarging by Hand

at B&W Basement

A Real Photolab for Real Silver Prints

Silver Gelatine Hand Prints | Fibre Base Enlargements | Resin Coated Enlargements

Hand-printed enlargements on Ilford resin coated or fibre base paper carefully crafted by our expert technicians. Precise density and contrast adjustment is achieved using multi-grade paper, combined with “burning & shading” techniques. Prints are hand finished using traditional sable brush spotting techniques.

Superb prints and very evocative – you have a great touch with printing.

Many thanks for exceeding my expectations and am sure I will be sending further negatives your way for printing.

Chris Copp

Exeter, November 2019

Print Sizes
7″x 5″ £8.00
8″x 6″ £10.00
10″x 8″ £12.00
12″x 9.5″ £16.00
12″x 10″ £20.00
16″x 12″ £25.00
20″x 16″ £35.00
24″x 20″ £45.00
Paper & Toning Options
Ilford Warmtone Resin Coated Paper +50%
Fibre Base Glossy Unglazed Neutral Tone +100%
Sepia / Selenium toning options P.O.A

20% off first order