Black & White Photo Enlarging by Hand

at B&W Basement

A Real Photolab for Real Silver Prints

Silver Gelatine Hand Prints | Fibre Base Enlargements | Resin Coated Enlargements

Hand-printed enlargements on Ilford resin coated or fibre base paper carefully crafted by our expert technicians. Precise density and contrast adjustment is achieved using multi-grade paper, combined with “burning & shading” techniques. Prints are hand finished using traditional sable brush spotting techniques.

Many thanks for the latest prints. Both are beautiful.

Amazing work by Dave, he is a ‘Master’, please pass along my heartfelt thanks.

It is great to see the results of an expert eye at work, no Photoshop….a human being with skill and determination to get magnificent results from my old negatives.

Chris Copp

Exeter, July 2020

Print Sizes
7″x 5″ £  8.00
8″x 6″ £10.00
10″x 8″ £12.00
12″x 9.5″ £16.00
12″x 10″ £25.00
16″x 12″ £30.00
20″x 16″ £35.00
24″x 20″ £45.00
Paper & Toning Options
Ilford Warmtone Resin Coated Paper +50%
Fibre Base Glossy Unglazed Neutral Tone +100%
Sepia / Selenium toning options P.O.A

Mail Order P&P

1st Class up to 500g: £4

RM Special Delivery up to 500g: £10

Courier by arrangement

Ask for discount offer